Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Long, Cold, Winter

It's a sad sight, but such has been the coldest, snowiest, wettest winter in memory. I'm fighting a losing battle to keep the batteries charged with rides between the snowfalls. I'm normally one to brave the elements throughout the year, but with the snow has come ice which persists in the shady areas, and there are no shortage of places the sun rarely reaches in the high mountains. Ice and road tires do not mix, and with studded tires starting at $500 a piece, I can only afford to wait it out.

I've been making up the time with desk work and classwork. The web site is getting a long overdue rebuild and it's well on the way to where I can move on. Slowly but surely I'm becoming more competent with all the new software I purchased and I will soon turn to revising the existing maps for 2010. My classwork involves learning to master social networking so I can maintain better contact with you and offer more advanced features and exciting new programs. I've hired a coach, Sabrina Gibson, and am making steady progress learning from a master.

Upcoming changes to the maps will be relatively minor, with focus on adding more features, sights, and improving the Blue Ridge Parkway info. The main focus will be on "behind the scenes" stuff, better editing capabilities and improving the quality of the graphics and images.

I'll be laying out the plans for West Virginia come March. A soon as the weather permits I'll be hitting the road.

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  1. More snow now is a more vibrant ride in spring. The countdown is on!