Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motorcycle Tip - Be Fog Free

Here's another video motorcycling tip - how to keep your face shield fog free for about $5.00. I've used Cat Crap for years and it works. The tiny tub you see in the video is probably 10 years old and you can see I've hardly made a dent in it. You can order Cat Crap direct at http://www.ekusa.com or find it online via a simple google search. I bought mine at a ski shop to use on my goggles.

This is another inexpensive tip that makes a great gift for your motorcycle friends. It's a nice stocking stuffer that will be appreciated for years to come.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rock Slide on US 64 near Cleveland, Tennessee

Yet another rock slide has occurred in the southern mountains, this time closing a section of roadway on US 64 in the Ocoee River Gorge of Polk County, Tennessee. A series of slides has blocked both lanes at mile 17.4 near the Ocoee 2 Dam. As of yet, it remains unstable as the remnants of rain from tropical storm Ida play out over the southern mountains.

Photos and more details can be found at this link;

TDOT's recommended detour route from Chattanooga and Cleveland toward the Copper Basin or McCaysville, Ga., is:

North on I-75 to Exit 60 at Sweetwater, then south on State Route 68 to Ducktown.

From North Carolina;

Take U.S. 74 to Ducktown and go north on SR 68. Traffic is being rerouted along State Route 68 through Tellico Plains and Sweetwater, Tenn.

The detour more than doubles the trip time between Copperhill and Cleveland.


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Great Motorcycle Tip and Affordable Gift Idea

Here's a video I made of one of my favorite motorcycle tips - how to self rescue should you run out of gas. It's not just practical, but affordable, and makes a great gift for your cycling buddies.


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Thursday, November 5, 2009

R.I.P. Fabio - You Are Missed

I was away on a mapping trip cataloguing the last of the great motorcyle rides near the north end of the Blue Ridge Parkway when Fabio slinked out the door one evening to go about his night time chores - ridding the homestead of vermin and various other small and tasty creatures. That was three weeks ago to the day and he never reappeared. We are resigned to the fact Fabio will not be coming home.

Fabio was my cat, if there is such a thing amongst cats who are generally aloof individualists. I'm pretty much a dog person, just ask my two shadows Ajax, and newly adopted Sophie, who are my constant companions and partners. Fabio did his best to be "one of the dogs" and followed me around like the rest of the pack. He was fearless amongst other animals walking right up to those which roam the cove and touching noses with them. That was probably his undoing. Early on, he tried to befriend a skunk one night, and wore the residue of that encounter for weeks.

Little fazed him and I don't think he ever met another creature he didn't try to accept and learn to live with no matter how disagreeable they were at first excepting our original cat, Bella. Bella and Fabio never did come to an understanding, rather their relationship deteriorated into "kitty wars" which leads me to suspect Bella had something to do with his disappearance. More agile and lithe, Bella could always find refuge in the rafters of the car port where Fabio was unable to reach.

He was a rescued cat, saved from impending destruction at the local animal shelter. Though we had him for such a short time he always imposed his presence and had to be involved, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Whatever you were doing, he was there to help in his own feline fashion. The photo shows him "helping me" while working, chasing the cursor all about the screen to the point it impeded my efforts. He would stretch out on the desk next to me knocking everything in his way on the floor. He liked to lay behind the desk and chew through the cords and cables of the phones. And he could eat maps. He'd work his way into the cardboard boxes I store them in and chew and shred them into bits if I wasn't vigilant.

Despite his annoying habits, he was still endearing and demanded attention and adoration. In the evening, he'd curl up on me and sleep while I watched TV, nibbling at my fingers when he wanted his head scratched and stroked. Like any cat he spent most of the daylight sleeping though it was always within sight of me.

Bella has finally been able to relax and her world is back in order. I guess that's the way things are meant to be for now. But the rest of us are missing Fabio, he was a good cat. Rest in peace, Fabio. The office is not the same without you. Ciao.